Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Social Media Marketing Company in Ahmedabad
22Mar, 2021

We all know how social media has conquered almost all forms of marketing. An apt social media presence is enough to bring you great business opportunities each day. However, when you have a colossal business to run, it can get difficult to manage the social media presence.

It is where social media marketing services in India come into play. The right social media company can bring-in various new opportunities and audiences to use your products.

What is the best platform for your business?

Well, every business can build customers through different social media platforms. Your social media manager can help you find the best platform for your service. We are the best social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, and we always prefer to try a combination of different platforms for marketing.

The first step for choosing the right social media platform is building a strategy. A social media marketing strategy allows you to focus on your target audience to drive better results. You may start with two to three platforms and introduce your brand. You can do all the work yourself or hire an efficient social media marketing company to do it for you.

Top Platforms to Choose From

Some social media platforms that are best to promote business are discussed below. You can use them if you’re a beginner or an established business.

  1. Facebook: With over 2468 million active users, Facebook is still the most preferred platform when it comes to marketing. Many big brands advertise on this largest social media platform. The features like live events, shop functionality, stories, posts, and videos work great for every business. In fact, you can create FB ads at reasonable charges.


  1. Instagram: Instagram became popular as a youth platform, but now it is used by people of all age groups. People remain very active on Instagram. With over 1 billion users, almost all B2B brands use an Instagram business account. Instagram has almost similar features to Facebook. However, hashtags play a crucial role here.


  1. Twitter: Do you prefer reading quick and short posts? Well, then the 280-character posts of Twitter can be best for your business. From celebrities to politicians, and organizations remain highly active on this platform. These days Twitter wars have become a new fad and are helping businesses a lot.


  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is the best social media marketing platform if you have any creative business related to fashion, event planning, makeup, recipes, etc.


  1. Linkedin: Linkedin is the number one platform for professionals, as it is specially designed for professional networking. It is the second most popular social media marketing platform for B2B companies.


  1. YouTube: Not exactly a social media platform, but the best platform for video advertising. YouTube has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. From instructional, educational, informational, and promotional content, you’ll find all the videos here. You can strike the right audience with the right video.


How can social media help you grow?

For those who do not know how can social media help their business grow, here’s how. Social media is the biggest and most convenient platform to promote your services. You can promote your website, brand, store, or services here.

Social media marketing agencies use SEO in the best way to hit the target audience. Efficient digital marketing agencies in India uses ads to increase and reach a potential audience.

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