Top Tips to Improve Your SEO Strategy

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22Apr, 2021

If you are not getting expected results from your SEO strategy, and you’re too lazy to start over again, then we have something for you.

It takes a lot of time for SEO to show favorable results. If you’ve just started a strategy, you might not see results in a month or two. However, if your strategy is old and isn’t showing desirable results, then there are certain things you might be doing wrong.

While some SEO practices provide quick results, some don’t. We have further discussed the SEO practices that most people do wrong and do not get the desired results.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Many people believe that SEO is all about using the right keywords. The keyword density did play a crucial role during the previous time. It is why many people reached top rankings by just using the right keywords. However, it does not work anymore.

If you are simply stuffing keywords and waiting for results to show up, then chances are they might never show-up. Google, today is smart enough and won’t rank you high based on the number of times you use a keyword.

What to do instead?

Well, instead of just stuffing keywords, create high-quality content. Your content should be clear, focussed, and relevant. Keywords should be used correctly instead of just jamming them up. Good content will show better results.

  1. Broken Backlinks

Backlinks play a critical role in the ranking of your page. Internal and external links do determine the audience and ranking of your website in a major way. However, many people create content, add links, post it, and sleep. Yes, posting content is not enough to yield results. Many times, the backlinks break and do not help your page rank.

What to do instead?

It is highly essential to fix the broken backlinks. If it was an internal link, you can check the issue and put the link back. If the dead page does not exist at a new URL then you can redirect the old URL to the new one. You may take eve help from the best SEO service provider in Ahmedabad.

  1. Lousy UX

Although keywords and links play a critical role in the SEO of your page, another very important factor is the UX or User Experience. User experience determines how well users interact with your website. You should always check the bounce rate of your website. If the bounce rate is high, it means people leave your website within seconds. It is mainly because people do not find your website attractive or informative. A poor UX makes your website of no use to users and Google. Efficient website design and development are important for your business.

What to do instead?

Now, you need to work on the instructiveness of your website. Other than SEO, you need to invest some amount in hiring the best website development company in Ahmedabad. A good website can also bring great SEO results.

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